Running Mac on windows 7 using VMware Player

This tutorial is a step-by-step guide
> To install Mac OS x 10.8 on Vmware.
> To install dmg files

- You need at least ~10 GB space.
- You need 7-zip
- You need Vmware Player
- You need an Apple ID. Go ahead and create one for development purpose.

Steps -

1. Download Vmware Mac image from here.

I used Mac OS 10.8.

2. Extract it using 7-zip which can be downloaded from Google search.
3. Download VMware workstation. I had VMware player 3 which I upgraded to VMware player 5.

4. Click on “Open a Virtual machine” link.

5.Keep the default settings. You can always edit these properties later.

6.Click “Play virtual machine”.

It will start installation. Click Next. It is easy to follow.
Fill in all the details.


8. Login

If you are heavily into development on windows environment , You will feel little uncomfortable because of short cut keys.

Anyway you will get used to it.

Some windows equivalent in Apple

Windows Explorer -> Finder
Start Programs from keyboard -> LaunchPad
Browser IE/Mozilla/Chrome -> Safari
Outlook -> Mail
Control Panel -> System Preference
WM Player -> iTunes
Command Prompt -> Terminal
Recycle Bin – > Trash
Exe -> DMG
VisualStudio/Eclipse -> Xcode

App Store – You can buy Apps and lot of other Apple specific tools from app store. Also you can take a look at development tools.

I downloaded Xcode from AppStore. It is freely available now. XCode is very important IDE just like Visual Studio and Eclipse.

In my next tutorial I will show you how to create a Cordova (phonegap) project in XCode. I am comfortable using Chrome so I downloaded that also.

XCode/Chrome and Mac softwares come in DMG format

To install DMG in Mac you can follow below steps

1). Download the .dmg file; normally it should download to the Desktop or your Downloads folder.
2). Double-click the .dmg file that you have downloaded and a new icon with a similar name will appear.
3). A Finder window may open automatically, if it doesn’t double-click the new icon and it will open the Finder window.
4). Copy (or drag n drop) the new icon (the one that appeared when you opened the dmg) to your Applications directory.


Cheers, we are done installing Mac on Win7 using VMWare.


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  1. jake

    just see the loading apple :/ dunno what to do ! can u help me ? do i have to Change some Settings ?

  2. Paul

    when I did it I went to Mountain Lion and it just crashes when I play the virtual machine, I have VMWare Player 5 and I don’t know what’s happening. DO I need the Lion rather than Mountain Lion?

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